How to make collaborating 10x easier


Collabs are difficult to manage well

We’ve all been there, you have creators in all stages of the collab process. Some of them are waiting for product, some you’ve sent terms to but they haven’t replied, some of them are past due on content and you need to remember to follow up. In total, we’ve identified 15 stages to collaborations, highlighted below.


Yikes! That’s a lot of stages! In fact on average, we see that it takes 13 messages to complete a collaboration. Even worse, the best collabs often involve more communication to keep the creator excited and up to date. When you have hundreds of collabs, that’s a lot of time spent writing messages!

Introducing Auto Messages

Enter auto messages! These little guys will handle all of your logistical woes. You can now automatically sends messages to move your collabs along the process, responding to events taken in the platform. Let’s take a look at some of things auto message can do for you

Example 1: Remind creators to accept terms

One issue that brands often run into is that creators forget to review and accept terms that you send. Auto message can help make the process of reminding creators totally automated:


Here we’ve set up an automated message that goes out to creators who we sent terms to exactly 1 day ago, who have yet to accept the terms. Fortunately, this won’t send to any creators who have already accepted our terms, so there’s no awkwardness.

Also, as you’re chatting with the creator, you can see that auto message will send this message 1 day in the future, so that you don’t end up sending any duplicate messages.



Example 2: Thank creators for accepting terms

One of our recommended best practices is to be overly communicative with creators and send lots of positive feedback. As a result, we recommend that brands thank creators for accepting terms, and explain next steps. Here’s a quick message to do that:


One nifty extension is that we can tweak this message depending on whether they’ve selected products already. If not, we can even add that as a reminder in the message like so: 


Example 3: A little nudge to create content

One great way to make sure you’re getting the best content on time is to give creators a little nudge once they receive the product to remind them about both the due date, and the key points of your content. Here’s an example that fires 1 day after the creator receives product.


Example 4: Following up with past due collabs

We always hope that creators post on time (and we send our own warnings to creators when this happens), but it always helps for you to play good cop to our bad cop. Here’s a simple message that accomplishes that:


Creators respond really well to positive feedback, just as chastising can make them feel guilty or want to abandon the collaboration. Usually these gentle nudges are a chore to remember and frustrating to send, but now auto message takes that burden away from you.

What Next?

As you can see, auto message is a very powerful assistant that can help you manage the logistics of working with many creators. You can set up your own rules like the above, or you jumpstart your campaign with a complete set of templates! Get in touch with your Customer Success Manager at [email protected] to get started.


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